The impact of robotics on global industries

In today’s world, robotics maximize many of our abilities in every aspect.

 Our jobs become easier since robots enable us to focus on the things that are essential to us and save us time for important tasks.

Various industries use robotics today to improve their day to day performance, services and overall management. 

Some general advantages of robotics:

  1. Reduced operating costs
  2. Improved product quality & quality of work for employees
  3. Competitive Advantage
  4. Better production output
  5. Higher product manufacturing flexibility
  6. Developed means of safety and health precautions

Robots in healthcare

“Each year, hospital readmissions among skilled nursing facility patients cost Medicare more than $4 billion, but there is emerging evidence that shows that providing telehealth services to Medicare beneficiaries in long-term care facilities or at home may decrease hospitalizations and readmissions and enable more beneficiaries to remain in the community.”

  • US CMS

Robots in Eldercare 

“Robotics are essential for the health sector and for older adults because in 20 to 30 years time there’s not going to be enough people to take care of the aging population.

The elderly really felt they had a presence and didn’t feel alone. We think that this robot will improve their wellbeing. “


Robots in Hospitality 

“The use of robots within the hospitality industry is becoming more commonplace, with uses ranging from artificially intelligent chatbots, designed to assist with the customer service process, through to robot assistants, deployed to improve guests’ experience in a hotel.”

  • Revfine

Robots in Retail

“Robots are bringing efficiency and creating opportunities for their human counterparts to have more meaningful work that exercises humanity’s best skills – like drive, creativity and interpersonal relationships. And as consumer expectations continue to shift toward technology-driven experiences, retail has no real choice but to rise up to meet them.”

  • Forbes 

Through these different abilities, industries can optimize and promote their services, save time, money, manpower, and achieve a higher standard of living for a better future, globally.

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