The temi store

The true nature of a product perpetually ebbs and flows within its market. When a product is also a platform, creation on behalf of members of the platform makes the product far more fluid and dynamic.

We recently announced that we will be releasing the temi Store: a platform that allows developers to publish their applications for temi owners to download and use on their robots. At the time of writing this, we are both excited to see what the temi developer community has been working on and also curious to watch how the release of the temi Store increases the scope of what temi is as a product.

We have always envisioned a wide variety of applications that could be made with a robot like temi, yet we are only able to conceive of new ideas through the lens of our own perspectives. While these perspectives are in large part influenced by the feedback of our community, they are still limited in range in comparison to the full potential of creativity that accompanies an open two-sided platform like the temi Store.

Of course, we are very focused on making sure that the release of the temi Store goes smoothly, yet at the same time we place a very high importance on what is to happen following the initial release. It is our job as platform facilitators to do what we can to give developers, designers, and creators all the tools and resources needed in order to create applications as freely as possible. Within this pursuit lies a distinct need for us as an organization to minimize friction across the entirety of the development process of ideating, uploading, maintaining, monitoring, and updating third-party applications. In order to accomplish this in the best way possible, it is very important that we maintain open communication with our developer community.

We always love to see the huge influx of messages from temi developers that comes in every day. These comments, questions, and concerns never fail to open our eyes to a vast scope of perspectives when it comes to solving problems through an application on the temi robot.

We are counting the days until we go onto the temi Store and see many applications for the home, the office, retail stores, hotels, education, and even healthcare. Be sure to stay up-to-date on all things temi Store and, to all you developers out there, we hope you’re getting your apps ready for the many robot owners who have been patiently waiting to experience your creations!