To Our Community

If you’re reading this, you may already have a temi or you’re considering purchasing one. We’d like to take a moment to talk directly to those who already have one of our robots:

First and foremost,​ thank you​ . ​Thank you for joining us in welcoming in a new era of personal robotics.​ With countless stories surrounding robots have been told throughout history, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Robots are so much more than what they are made out to be in the media. Robots can assist with communication at large distances, robots can service businesses, help with activities around the house, entertain  and support humans with a wide array of needs.

​Thank you for your patience when things take a bit longer than expected.​ Personal robotics is a relatively new field and sometimes things don’t go exactly as planned. There are delays, there are hiccups, and a couple bugs here and there.

But as time passes, something interesting happens – ​delays become deliveries and bugs become features.​ We work around the clock to do what we can to give you the best experience. 

Growing up we’ve all had dreams of future technologies. Ideas and conversations of flying cars, universal wifi, virtual reality, and, in this case, robots (just to name a few) became innovations to look forward to. I believe that this is for one main reason: it’s a promise of a better future. While the content of what it means to be a “better future” will be different for everyone, we want you to know that we continue to strive towards fulfilling our purpose: to bring the robotic future you once dreamed about into the present.

The interesting thing, though, is that ​we can’t do this without you.​ It is rare for a company to have such an engaged, open, and active community, and this is not something we take lightly. Your ongoing feedback and your suggestions drive our focus every day. It is your dreaming that gives us the inspiration to continue growing and thriving. 

So thank you for believing in our mission, thank you for believing in temi, and most of all thank you for going on this journey with us.

-temi HQ

Yossi Wolf, “temi” Co-Founder & Chairman
next to one of the first “Look & Feel” models, 2016