The temi Desktop Platform

Something that we think about a lot here at Temi HQ is the concept of Product/Market Fit, which is defined as being the degree to which a product satisfies a strong market demand. To accomplish this challenge of meeting the markets needs, we first needed to understand the different ways that people and businesses have been using their temi robots, but also we had to, as objectively as possible, determine where any gaps in our product existed.

We very quickly found that, as the quantity of robot orders grew, so did a need to be able to control many robots at the same time.

After further product and market research, we expanded this need to a two-way structure that incorporated both the ability to read and write information from and to the robots. In other words, we knew that we had to expand the ability for individuals and businesses to both understand the current conditions of their robots (i.e. battery percentage, location, and status) and to be able to have a greater degree of control over the situational behavior of the robots at scale from a distance. Once we defined what needed to be accomplished, we got to work on building out the temi desktop platform. But what exactly can the temi desktop platform do?

Here is a selection of some of the different capabilities that we have been incorporating into this new product feature that we are very excited to share with our many business partners around the world:


One of the biggest individual differences between the businesses that have temi robots is the variety of physical maps that they choose to have their robots work in. We found that businesses wanted to have their robot actively patrolling certain areas of an office/store/hospital, while actively avoiding other spaces. Now with the temi desktop platform, businesses will have the ability to create geofences that keep their temi robots from entering certain locations. To build these virtual fences, it will be as easy as clicking and dragging a line on the desktop platform. Once saved, the robot will know to not cross the geofence line. Have no fear, your robot will steer clear!

Status Dashboard

Something that becomes very important as the quantity of robots you have in your fleet increases is the need to determine the status of individual robots at any given moment. That’s why we found it necessary to implement a status dashboard into the temi desktop platform. Using this tool, businesses can instantly see the battery percentage, the general activity, the navigation status, and the location of any of their many robots. This significantly increases both the efficiency and effectiveness of their robotic fleet.

Sequence Builder

In order to fully automate robotic procedures in a business setting, we realized that it was crucial to give temi fleet managers that ability to build out different sequences on the temi desktop platform. It will now be easier than ever to program different robotic operations that allow temi robots to automatically go to various locations, play music, show pictures/videos, and speak on different aspects in a business setting.

We truly believe that the temi desktop platform will serve as a major launching point for temi in a wide variety of business settings.

We are looking to release the platform shortly and can’t wait to see the different ways that businesses use this huge new product feature to enhance the robotic capabilities of their operations. For more information on all things related to the temi desktop platform, be sure to stay tuned!