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The early adopter program is on! We are traveling throughout the country to share the temi experience, and collect feedback. The first families we met were from SF, Seattle, Boston, NY, Atlanta and New Jersey. It was a real thrill to see them experience temi for the first time and hear what they think.
Here are some insights we’ve collected:
Temi makes you dance Even if you have a great sound system in your home, temi takes music to a new level. The early adopters shared with us great feedback regarding temi's music experience that combines high quality, mid-range speakers and a sub-woofer designed by Harman Kardon. Along with music videos, the AI engine knows what kind of music each member of the family likes, and last but not least - temi brings the movement aspect, so you’ll experience music like never before. Temi always puts you in the center of your sound system… it is just like having your personal DJ at home. We really enjoyed seeing the early adopters get up and boogie with temi.
There are no 2 homes alike One is small with little room space to move in, one is filled with rugs and surface transitions… We’ve been reassured that temi's learning algorithm successfully adapts to different environments and is always adding new knowledge from each home to its system, for instance - what kind of rugs should it drive on and what kind should It bypass in order to save time and energy. In addition, Temi is getting to know new objects, furniture and toys in every home and is adding them to its "object recognition" skills. This kind of big data that is gathered is very useful to ensure that every temi will navigate autonomously in any home.
We visited the lovely Pegues family and were very excited to see how temi can help people with disabilities - these kind of experiences give us great motivation and remind us why we got into this - A personal robot can make lives easier and more fun. Thank you Yvette.
We are collaborating with the biggest brands to make temi smarter In order to provide the best personal robot experience we have been meeting with the biggest brands in the industry to add skills to temi: Integrating Google's AI engines, Microsoft skype and Cortana, adding Samsung's SmartThings eco system to temi's smart home skills, collaborating with tunein and Deezer to provide you endless music, utilizing Amazon cloud services to ensure your data is safe and secured and AT&T and T-Mobile which will provide us great 4G LTE communication services. In addition, we are collaborating with YouTube, Reuters, Wikipedia, ESPN, CNN and many more to provide you endless media and news through temi. The possibilities are endless.
The new personal robot concept store On May 2018 the first temi concept store will open for the public in the meatpacking district in NYC. The store’s unique design that features a living room in the middle of the store will give you a real taste of the personal robot experience. In the Future we will open more and more temi stores around the country to share the experience. See you there.