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Amazon Makes Way Recent reports that Amazon is working on an Alexa robot for the home is great news for the personal robotics market and for temi. (Although thanks to temi’s navigation technology, it doesn’t need anyone to clear it’s path. 😉) Read the full report
The future of work: We’ve been working on temi for so long, it’s about time it starts working for us! Watch temi pitching in on the daily burden, connecting us with fellow distant employees and even managing our snacking schedule. Watch the video
Meet temi After receiving the "Top Innovator Award 2018" at the O'Reilly AI conference, temi is scheduled to dazzle crowds in many more upcoming events. Come meet temi! Book a demo at an event near you through our events page. Next up - TechDay NYC! Visit temi's events page
EAP update temi keeps visiting homes of our Early Adopter community and is receiving flattering and important feedback. It's exciting to see how families, especially children get the hang of it immediately and don't want to let temi go. Don't worry, soon you will have temi all for yourself. Not in our EAP? Now is your chance
Exploring our production line through temi We are getting everything set and ready to produce 30,000 temi units per month and provide all temi owners the best and fastest service and support. Watch temi visit its production line.