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temi open for business
Open for business October 1st, 2018: Mark your calendars! temi is going on sale at robotemi.com for $1499.
temi newsletter Sept
Hey temi, show me recent news temi met a few international reporters for a hands-on demo. See what they had to say.
Be anywhere with temi Check out our latest video giving you a taste of the ability to be at two places at once. The future is here.
Launch Event We are extremely excited to launch temi’s sales with our retail partner, b8ta. Join us for the event in NYC on October 1st at b8ta located in Macy’s Herald Square or meet temi in b8ta stores across the US.=
Limited spots available in our HQ-Warming party Join us on October 2nd for food, drinks, great company and world’s #1 personal robot.
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