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Privacy has left the building The EU has come to rescue whatever is left of our privacy with the GDPR, but is that enough? Short thoughts and notions on the subject that affects all of us! Read the full post
Coming soon When Jenn boarded her flight to Shanghai, little did she know her journey would take her deep within her heart. This is the story of love, long-distance and temi the personal robot. Soon at robotemi.com
Out with the old in with the new, our website will soon ship big boxes to you! We’re almost done re-designing our website to function as temi's E-commerce store. Soon you’ll be able to order your temi that will arrive in it’s beautiful box at your doorstep.
Temi won’t stop rolling This month temi broke its record traveling 10 miles per day at various events. And the journey continues globally - Hong Kong, Berlin, USA - Come meet the world’s no.1 robot. Visit the Events page
Our prize and joy We’ve been honored with 2 awards this month - IDA Design award for product design and the GDUSA for our website design. We are proud of our talented and meticulous in-house teams who carry our brand forward with their unparalleled creative vision.