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Temi goes public We started sharing the temi experience with the masses at MWC Barcelona and SXSW in Austin, Texas and got a bit more attention than us robotics geeks are used to. At MWC, temi received an award for "Best of MWC 2018" for robotics and AI Assistants! All the while some of us were driving around on a successful roadshow in the US and China, meeting with the world's leading AI companies. Follow temi on Facebook for ongoing updates.
AI-Sthetics Guy Zilbershtein, Head of our industrial design team, shares a few interesting notes from his journey of designing temi and sheds light on the significance of design in the development process. Read the full column here
Under the hood Our spec page is live! Want to see what's under the hood? Check out temi's core technology and features on our website.
Hot off the press The media loves temi and temi loves them back! CNBC, PCMAG, RTL, Discovery Channel and many more have met temi and wrote exciting reports about the future of temi in your homes. Check out our updated press page.
What's Next? Mass Production