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October 2018: An Eventful 31 Days for temi In a series of launch events, we’ve announced and commenced sales which have exceeded expectations. Check out this full recap video highlighting this past month’s biggest moments!
3000 Years of Communication From smoke signals to the internet, the way we communicate has evolved drastically over time. Here’s a look back through the history of communication and a glance forward toward what’s to come.
Temi on Cheddar “We've all seen the visions of the future with a personal robot in every home - but when will that fantasy become a reality? Temi's Danny Isserles joins Cheddar to discuss his company's groundbreaking new robot.” - Cheddar
Temi in Full Throttle Take a stroll down our production line to see how your temi is made.
Come and experience temi Temi is spreading to multiple locations in the US. Find one near you!