Our story

“A few years ago, my life changed. I spent an afternoon with my grandmother and noticed how shaky her hands were and how difficult it was for her to hold a cup of tea. I then watched her try to operate her smartphone - she had trouble with that, too. In that moment, I decided to devote my life to creating temi for her. When I realized all the cool things a personal robot can do, I knew I wanted one for myself.”

Yossi Wolf

temi Leadership

The temi team is committed to a robotic future that empowers and enhances human abilities, enriches human experiences and delivers intuitive, reliable and fun products that are usable by all.

Roy Lim photo

Roy Lim


John Wu photo

John Wu

Vice Chairman

Yossi Wolf photo

Yossi Wolf

Founder, Chairman

Yaron Joels photo

Yaron Joels

Chief Marketing Officer

Ben Levy photo

Ben Levy

VP Product, R&D

Leah  Shnaiderman  photo

Leah Shnaiderman

Chief Finance Officer

Global Recognition

The best robotic platform of CES Asia 2019, Shanghai, China

The most innovative robotic platform by TIME Magazine 2019, New York, USA

The best robotic platform of CES 2019, Las Vegas, USA

Gold winner of the intelligent robotic industry 2020, China

The Visionary Product of the year by PropertyGuru 2019, Asia Pacific

Winner of ST Startup Awards 2020, Israel

Shenzen Service Robot Technology Innovation Award 2020, China

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Our Offices

New York

122 Grand Street, New York, NY 10013


22F, Changfu JinMao Building, No.5 Shihua Road, Futian District, Shenzhen


Six Battery Road #26-05

Tel Aviv Yafo

Menachem Begin 156 Tel Aviv, Israel