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Autonomous navigation, mobility, dynamic video and audio combined with advanced AI, all together provide a whole new ultra-creative and unique platform. This is your opportunity to reach and influence people with new experiences like never before.


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How can temi change the way developers think? Movement. temi delivers endless possibilities for education, health care, entertainment and much more.

temi robot personal assistant
AI Assistant

Utilize Amazon’s “Alexa” or “Hey temi” as a voice assistant within your applications.

temi robot personal assistant
Sound System

4.1 Speaker system and 8 directional microphones open for use.

temi robot personal assistant

Android 6.0 based. Use either Kotlin or Java to initiate Telepresence, control movements, apply features and take development to a new dimension.

temi robot personal assistant
Navigation System

Use the efficient autonomous navigation algorithm to drive, control and understand temi’s environment enabling you to create interactions and use cases.

temi robot personal assistant
Video Calls & Cameras

2 HD RGB Cameras (narrow and wide) accessible to developers. Incorporate temi’s WebRTC video platform into your creations.

temi robot personal assistant
User Experience

temi’s Human-robot interaction invites you to re-imagine use cases and applications using a platform which moves along, follows or leads it’s user.

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