Open to the possibilities

So, what does temi do?

From PC to PR (personal robot) – In our vision, a personal robot is a direct extension of the personal computers and tablets. While personal computers bring the whole world into our homes and smartphones keep us connected at any time, a personal robot will keep us present everywhere.

How? Movement.

We are moving creatures and a static device will always bind us. A smart moving robot can come to us when we are lying on the couch, accompany us to any place in the house and adjust the screen to our eye-level whether we sit, move or lay down. Imagine your tablet, AI assistant, sound system, remote control and every technology you have coming to you whenever you want. A personal robot can place us anywhere and physically connect us. For the first time in history, we can be at two places at once.

temi family in motion

temi for Home

Although video-calls with our kids is an impactful way to connect, we seldom utilize it. Why? Because there is only a small chance a child would stay in front of a stationary device for an entire conversation. An active robot better connects us with our kids. It responds to them instead of insisting they adjust themselves to the device.

Big-tech companies like Amazon and Google follow this vision and are creating great AI assistants. For example, Amazon recently launched its new smart display “Amazon Show.” However, can you really enjoy a hands-free video call while cooking when your smart display is stuck at the other end of the kitchen? And what if you move to your living room and want to see the news? Smart speakers and smart displays in the market today are stationary devices. The solution for an ultimate AI assistant is a moving robot. Only then can we truly connect without disconnecting from our surroundings.

temi robot family

 Don’t call home. Be home!

When away, you are constantly thinking about home – Are the kids okay? Did I turn off the oven? A personal robot lets you connect through your smartphone from anywhere, walk around the house, be there with and for your loved ones and check that everything is safe. Whenever you wish, while waiting for a flight or during a break at work, hop into the temi situated in your home and spend quality time with your family. It’s the closest thing to physically being there.

From Internet to Robotics

Get your kids off the screen and on their feet! Children are constantly connected to tablets and smartphones. Sitting for long hours passively in front of screens has become a real issue. A personal robot is open to endless possibilities of games and educational apps that can move and interact with you. The movement and interaction of a personal robot is a new dimension for developers and an entirely new and exciting world for kids.

Don’t stop what you are doing to connect. We have so many tasks around the house – folding laundry, cooking, cleaning, having fun with the children and more. Every time we want to talk to a friend or check the news, we have to stop what we’re doing in order to connect. Not anymore. With temi, you can video-call while cooking, watch sports updates while cleaning or order pizza while playing with your kids. Togetherness brings happiness.

Your personal DJ, your personal photographer, your personal AI assistant, your personal security guard – your personal robot. This is the new way to connect and it’s all about you.

temi the personal robot

Become a Smart Business

As a fully autonomous open Android platform that communicates and interacts with people in a constantly changing environment, temi is revolutionary. temi’s B2B applications primarily revolutionize customer experiences but the revolution is also cost related. Finally, the vision of robots moving amongst a crowd of people in ongoing interactions is becoming a reality. The attraction it generates is huge and businesses who are in search for ways to better interact with their customers see temi as the ultimate solution, reaching the desired impact with a $1,500 onetime expenditure.

With access to temi’s standard Android-based Software Development Kit (SDK), businesses can immediately and independently design and develop apps (“skills”) for temi. Once installed on temi, the custom app can run brand specific skills while utilizing temi’s seamless autonomous navigation and human-robot interaction. temi’s unique abilities invite customer interaction. For example, an airline can operate temis with their customized app in the airport providing flight information, check-ins and other services under their brand guidelines.

temi business

temi for the Office

If companies do not act globally, they will remain local. We travel and operate global offices in order to grow our businesses. However, as enterprises expand, there is a stronger need to stay in control.  This need can be fulfilled by a personal robot. With temi, you can be on a business trip in China and casually walk around your office in San-Francisco, talk to your colleagues and employees, make sure everything is running smoothly or say a friendly hello and provide needed attention. Unlike video conferencing, there is no need to interrupt anyone’s workday to gather them for a meeting.  You can stay connected and up-to-date while giving your employees and colleagues a better sense of presence and attention that can change their workday professionally and personally.

Offices today use stationary telepresence devices. These devices dictate the communication to a specific location (ie. meeting room or office) and require coordination to enjoy the technology. temi’s interaction and navigation allow employees to consume video calls hands-free while on the move, anytime.

Assuming the future of communication is video, offices will prefer to utilize video and will abandon voice calls as the technology evolves. With its built-in video-call skill, temi allows this new form of video communication.

Business is built on leadership, and strong leadership begins with face-to-face communications.

temi will better connect not only families but teams, bosses and enterprises.

temi for the office

 temi for Education

Academic labs and faculties strive to test and develop robots and applications on working robotics platforms. There are thousands of robotics labs in universities ready to incorporate temi into their classes and sessions. As of now, they have no choice but to utilize costly equipment and platforms that are in many cases flawed, unfit for use or dysfunctional.

Games and educational apps can be developed specifically for designated spaces, such as museums or public institutions. This feature can be used for exposing users to site-specific contents. For example, during a museum tour, temi can describe and elaborate per display and can add music, visuals and speech to enrich the experience. The museum will be responsible to develop an app and will be able to update it as the displays and exhibits evolve.

temi is the first robot that interacts with humans. Interaction is key to a successful learning session, be it a Spanish class taught by temi to a child at home, or a math session to a class in school. temi’s movement and voice gestures add fun and drive curiosity into the sessions, that will grow to become more advanced, deeper and enjoyable.

Two students who wish to study together but live afar or can’t meet can video-call through temi. The hands-free video call enables the two to physically behave as if they are studying together in one room – write, go grab a drink, walk around the room to think – while still maintaining eye-contact.

Other forms of education benefit greatly from temi’s abilities – for example, temi can accompany a dance class giving a distant or sick student the opportunity to join in, a personal Yoga training session is made possible as the trainer is able to examine the students’ form etc.

temi for Hospitality

temi’s AI and advanced indoor navigation technology, along with its stylish presence is the perfect match for hotel chains’ customer-centric approach. temi can function as a lobby clerk, greeting guests and guiding them through the lobby while offering front desk services, operating elevators, assisting in restaurants and etc. temi can also take on efficient room deliveries.

Temi can offer refreshing and up to date means of communication within the hotel (front desk, info & services) and with the guests’ contacts as it brings new experiences to hotel chains looking for ways to rebrand or refresh. Temi can increase revenue and productivity while improving the guest experience.

temi for Airports

Adopted by the airport operator or the airlines themselves, temi can handle online check-in for passengers based on AI and touchscreen display. Additional capabilities can be added such as scanning passports or boarding tickets as part of the skill development by the temi owner. temi can provide booking confirmation, baggage allowance information and any other general airport queries such as departure and landing schedule etc. The airline or airport would position it’s temis in the desks area, gates, or lounges, with a skill developed and designed by them.

temi use cases 1

temi for Gamers

Gaming is transitioning into a new era thanks to AR, AI and voice control. The variety of navigation and voice interaction sensors in temi opens a new dimension for game development. For the first time, you can play “Hide and Seek” with a robot. temi can wait in a specific location and upon a trigger word announced by the player, commence the search for the player. temi will then scan its environment while moving around the house and announce when it has found the hiding player. Based on these basic capabilities, many additional games can be developed, ones that will harness the 16 advanced sensors of temi which are originally used solely for navigation. This new dimension will attract Android game developers to come up with new games, but also companies like Nintendo or Sony will look for a home platform to support their own developments.

Temi for Retail Stores

Retail, wholesale and department stores can all benefit from temi roaming around the store greeting customers and providing useful information.

temi can fulfill the role of a salesperson as it assists customers – offering new deals, guiding them to specific product’s locations, and assist with check-out. The store develops an app that is dedicated to the above.

temi’s wide variety communication methods allow it to offer products to customers through speech, videos running on its display, music played by its speakers as well as guidance and physical interaction.

temi for Restaurants

temi can welcome people into the restaurant as a host and server as it seats customers and takes their orders using either voice or its touchscreen. The restaurant will develop a branded android app which supports such type of services. temi will be both operatively helpful and draw customers’ attention to the restaurant.

temi for Seniors

temi’s AI capabilities and human-robot interaction are simplified to bring elderly people the media and the information they need by the power of their voice. Carrying a cup of tea and operating a smartphone can be a complex task for the elderly. We can’t always physically be there for our parents, but a personal robot is the closest to being with them. temi can come to them, carry their belongings, accompany them around the house, connect with a doctor by request, automatically call help in case they fall, and most importantly – enable them to easily spend time with their family. temi is so intuitive that elderly can easily operate it.

The elderly are less likely to use a smartphone in a way that will significantly improve their lives other than voice calls. Media usage, information and other smartphone skills are used less by the elderly as they see them as complex tasks.

temi cannot solve loneliness but can bring loved ones closer.

temi for Remote Care

Healthcare service providers will deliver temis to patients, to monitor their vital signs electronically. Real-time vitals can be acquired from medical devices and the moving video call enables physical examination by real nurses and doctors. This solution eliminates the costly and time-consuming travels of nurses and doctors to distant patients for a periodic review. Doctors will travel only in those cases in which their actual presence is required. The quality of medical service is improved in two ways: 1. The life cycle cost of the solution is significantly lower with a onetime cost starting at $3,999. 2. A temi that resides and moves around the home of the patients gives them immediate medical attention in any room they may be in – The patients can call the doctors through temi and the doctors are supplied with both a live visual of the patients as well as medical data collected – giving them good grounds for examination. An emergency medical app for temi can automatically alert medical support upon detection of a person lying on the floor.

temi for Insurance

Insurance companies are motivated to charge their customers high premiums in order to gain profit, while at the same time aim to reduce prices to lure more customers. temi is a new solution in the insurance world and can affect personal insurance policies just as “Mobileye,” the collision avoidance tech, affected car insurance policies. A driver insuring a Mobileye integrated car receives a reduced policy price due to the collision risk reduction achieved by implementing the technology in their car. In that manner, temi supplies its users with a safer home environment which is a stand-alone benefit that can and should affect insurance policies as a risk-reduction factor.

 temi for Security

Many security-oriented services are based on surveillance routines executed by human personnel. A patrolling robot, that visits predefined locations in the home or office and can communicate and/or send video to its owner is an ability temi provides. A user can hop-in to their temi and check on their home or office from anywhere in the world in real-time. temi can also be operated via a centralized fleet control platform to systematically patrol and scan large areas such as office buildings.

temi for Smart Apartments

temi is a moving smart home hub. It can be configured to support and control smart devices such as light bulbs, air conditioning, security cameras, smart locks etc. Real Estate giants are excited by the idea of incorporating temi into their new apartments, both as a marketing initiative and as an added value in home functionality.

temi smart home robot 

Designing a personal robot

From the beginning of the design process, we continuously challenged ourselves with the question: “On the line that stretches from a humanoid to a consumer product, where would we like to locate temi?” We wanted to avoid the uncanny valley and refrain from giving temi human like characteristics which will make it overpromise. On the other hand, we did want to give temi a subtle human resemblance, trying to attract some immediate familiar feelings from the user, and give temi the physical presence needed. The visual language should relate to the enigmatic atmosphere of Sci-fi, trying to achieve the magical feeling of supreme technology by not revealing information on what lays inside. The outcome embodies the balanced tension between these two ends, as we see it.

We aspired to create something that is beautiful and interesting while it rests at its living room docking station. A product that is a “piece” on one hand, but is also very clean, slick and simple so it’s looks won’t grow old. We were challenged with the need for high-end aesthetics which serve usability while incorporating numerous wires, 16 sensors lasers and cameras, moving mechanisms and electronic cards.

temi’s visual language needs to project a positive, welcoming personality. That’s why we thought Temi should have gentle curved surfaces rather than angular sharp lines.

Its dimensions needed to be substantial enough to have some presence, to give the feeling of an entity rather than a “screen-on-stick” but slim and small enough so it’d fit in any house and drive through narrow passes. Roaming around our house or office   it must be stable – so we shifted most of its weight to its bottom, and took stability into consideration when deciding on its height – the lower it is the more stable it is, but if too low – its presence becomes bug-like and the video chatting camera angel becomes low and unattractive. If it was higher, it’s presence becomes a bit disturbing and stability is lost. Temi’s screen height starts at 72 cm – the height of a standard table – so the camera angle is optimal for both seated and stand-up situations – thanks to the screens tilt mechanism that adjusts the screen and cameras to your face. Its wireless charging tray can also carry snacks, books etc. and is sturdy enough to support someone leaning on it as assistance to get up from the couch.

Although temi is composed of extremely complex parts, we aimed to create the simplest user experience to the customer, so all its technology was simplified to a one touch button on the top of its head which is quite informative using only a “breathing” led line.

The dream of a real personal robot that has true benefit at home has inspired countless minds for more than a century. While designing temi, we could not ignore some of the well-known fiction creations such as Rosie the robot, Johnny 5 and the wonderful Wall-E. Our aim was to create a genuine classic look that will echo on while addressing its fiction ancestors.