temi Retail: ​Kellogg’s

There are certain brands that we come to resonate with in our childhood years. The first one that comes to mind in my life is ​Kellogg’s​. Kellogg’s is a prime example of a timeless brand that has aligned with the revolutionary technologies of the future. One of these technologies is none other than the world’s first personal robot assistant ​temi. temi​ is all at once an AI assistant, a smart home hub, and the future of telecommunications because from wherever you are in the world you can video call ​into​ robot to move around your home or office ​as if you really there​. ​temi’s​ functionalities do not end in the home or office space though, as many retail locations are flocking to temi to explore the many ways that a robot can be used to enhance the retail experience. The Kellogg’s café in Union Square in New York City uses the robot in a fun and interactive way that simultaneously provides necessary operational functionality and inspires the youth who interact with the robot to imagine all of the possible things that technology can, ​and will accomplish in the generations to come. A child walking around the café can approach the robot and quickly choose which cereal bowl they would like to get. The robot then shows the kids how they can build the bowl themselves. When in its custom built “Event photographer” mode temi autonomously roams. locating people and taking Kellogg’s branded photos. The robot is also able to deliver cereal bowls throughout the café – this of course never fails to turn heads. This is just one of many examples of how temi​ can provide an interactive learning experience unlike any other.

We always like to talk about a potential functionality where a kid can walk around with ​temi​ in its following feature from room to room of their home pointing to different objects and asking temi what they are called in another language. Through specialized object recognition the robot is able to get closer to a natural learning experience – one that takes into account movement as a necessary component of engagement – than other existing technologies.

This is all possible due to temi’s​ open source SDK that allows any third-party developers the ability to develop applications for temi​ in the home, office, or retail environment. Only time will tell how different businesses use ​temi​ to assist them in their daily challenges. When it comes to what can be done with ​temi​, the sky truly is the limit.