Violin + Violinist = Music

One plus one is sometimes much more than 2, especially when we are talking about technology.

It would be easy to call temi a tablet on wheels. It would also be wrong. Just like smartphones are much more than a phone with internet, temi’s combination of video, mobility and artificial intelligence create a whole new dimension human-to-technology interaction.

Combining technologies creates exponential value and opportunity. Uber may just be a mobile app that used technology to create a taxi service, but the impact of Uber on the world is far greater than the sum of its parts: Uber has triggered a revolution in how we think about transportation. AirBnB is much more than property listings collected into a mobile app: It has become an undeniable part of travel culture, shaping how consumers envision and create their own travel experiences.

It’s the same thing with temi. Three core technologies- AI, mobility and video integrated together- have enabled a personal robot to put us in the center and create a whole new platform of technology that serves us to get more productivity, support, and fulfillment..

Temi robot

Unlocking the Possibilities

temi’s services and functionality will continue to grow as developers build new applications, but it already offers a wide array of abilities that will change your daily life. temi users can easily make hands-free video calls and move around the house as they continue their conversation. If you’re running late or not ready to greet guests to your home, temi can do it for you, and even bring them drinks while they wait.

When you’re traveling for work, temi lets you say goodnight to your child and then go into the other room to visit with your wife. When you’re asleep not home, temi can monitor your house and alert you if there’s a possible threat. You can play interactive, hands-free games like hide-and-seek, or you can have your children play educational games on temi that get them moving instead of sitting in one spot.

Through telemedicine, temi can link you directly with a doctor or health care professional who can use the personal robot to check you out remotely, examining possible injuries and determine whether a hospital visit is needed. If you fall, temi can even call the emergency hotline for you and keep watch until help arrives.​

But even more exciting are all the temi features and services we haven’t yet discovered. Imagine the possibilities as developers build apps specific to temi’s capabilities. Need someone to watch your dog? There’s a temi app for that. Lost your keys? Yep, there’s an app for that, too..

While smartphones keep us connected at any time, temi the personal robot keeps us present anywhere.

Bet you’ve never seen a tablet do that.

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