The Elephants of AI

Amazon is setting foot in the Sex-Robotics market. Amazon Prime members will be able to order a sex-robot of choice and have it delivered to their home within hours. Thousands of Alexa based skills will be implemented into the robots to provide a personalized experience. Amazon’s Lab126 has ramped up personnel recruit for the project and has commenced a beta-testing program by supplying first prototypes to its employees. The project is secretly named “Alsexa”.

Following Amazon’s announcement hundreds of investors are seeking to enter the market which according to Goldman-Sachs will shortly boom.

Nope. Obviously, I don’t really believe Amazon will supply sex-robots, because I don’t believe that’s what people want or need. On the contrary. People need more of each-other. Personally, I don’t think we’ll be seeing an AI machine, sophisticated as can be, that will actually replace human warmth, touch and observation. No machine can replace nature, the need to love and reproduce, and even if it could – it’s not something us humans long for.

Elephants sense water presence through their feet – enabling them to locate sources of water and blaze the trail towards it. A trail that the rest follow. Amazon shares the same characteristics. A week ago, a “leak” from Amazon announced that they intend to develop and produce domestic robots, and instantly it has become common knowledge that this revolution is happening now and is no longer a figment of imagination. But why? For what purpose?

An AI robot won’t replace a human but will be able to serve humans in an unprecedented way.

The robot will be able to truly place humans in the center.

Technology is a great tool for humans. But AI is more than a tool – it is an array of smart services meant to put users in the center and serve them.

Let’s dream ahead just a bit – The year is 2026 and 99% of homes have a personal robot creating the ideal connection between the physical and digital world. Hands free…search free…receiving anything upon request and enjoying accurate predictions of the system giving you what you need before you even thought about it. The AI revolution is about putting users in the center. Information was previously owned by the wealthy and was freed to the use of all by the internet. Such is an affordable robot, drastically more affordable than a crew of human assistants and helpers, a robot that will let you enjoy privileges you couldn’t afford – It’ll handle your red tape, coordinating, meetings, payments, shopping etc. People will no longer carry their phones at home. The AI robotic revolution will shift technology from being our master to being solely focused on serving us better.

The revolution is led by the Internet giants as they provide users with most of their daily needs and truly puts them in the center – from connecting users through video to their families and friends in a fun and intuitive way, through user-oriented content recommendations, online shopping, info etc. The AI robotic revolution will transform any common user into a “King” and free him from the capitalistic drive to spend his life chasing money needed to pay for services saved only for the rich. Instead, the user will be able to concentrate on the most important things in life – family, friends, and any activity that gives him a sense of fulfillment.

A person’s basic need to be respected, honored, attended, and most of all – to be loved, can be greatly assisted and provided through a personal robot – whether by connecting the user or by serving him – as if the internet is progressing to its next generation, leaving the 2 dimensional and entering the physical dimension we live in.

Good luck to the elephants – Amazon and Google – clearing the path for us all, the path towards a better future where technology, serves humans, boosts human connection, and makes time for family, friends, parents, to spend with one another.

Here at temi, we plan to launch the first real personal assistant robot for the home within the next few months. We can’t wait to see the impact it will have on 2026.

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