Temi Early Adopter Program – The future is in your hands

Over the next few months, temi’s EAP community is going to take an important part in shaping the future of home robotics. Our Early Adopters are going to be the first to test out temi in their homes and provide real feedback about their experience.

So, what is the EAP?

After passing the tests at our Research and Development center and in our own homes with flying colors, temi’s Early Adopters Program will be the last phase before releasing it to the public. People across the US will get temi for a week to try it out in their own homes, with their families, friends and colleagues and share with us their thoughts and impression of temi.

Real life user experience is a critical factor in making a great product even better.  Based on our community’s feedbacks and ideas, temi will go through a round of upgrades and improvements to make it the ideal personal robot. Even the smallest idea can make a big difference!

Our EAP Community:

Over 17,000 people have already signed up from all parts of the country – busy families, high tech influencers, celebrities, elders and youngsters – all of them shared their stories and told us why they want temi. Temi thanks you all.

Here are some stats about our EAP community:

73% of the people who signed up are male

65% of the community is between the ages of 24-40

35% of the community is high-tech influencers

22% have kids and a busy family life

16% are business owners

11% are developers

7% want temi to help an elderly person in their family or a family member with a disability

San Francisco, Seattle and NYC have the most EA’s

But for us, the EAP is not just about the numbers, it is about the stories

Stories like the family from Michigan whose children moved out and are now living in New York City, San Francisco and Paris. They believe temi could help them improve their connection with each other.

A marine officer, positioned overseas, wants to use temi in his home in Ohio in order to be able to read a bedtime story to his son and take part in family dinners even when he is away.

An elderly couple that are struggling with their home technology and hope that temi can help them connect with their loved ones and assist in their everyday life.

A mom of five who feels temi will be a great entertainer and educator for her children, hopes it will get them up on their feet instead of staring at a screen all day.

And there are many more. Hearing your stories and thoughts about temi truly impacted us. It strengthened our belief that temi can make a real difference in people’s lives. We feel inspired to continue to improve temi.

We are working very hard to bring the temi experience to each and every one of you. Here are the latest updates about the program:

Due to the high demand we decided to expand the program

When we started, we expected 1000 early adopters – we got over 17,000 great submissions. This is great news for temi, and we decided to accept as many early adopters as possible. We plan to start in the big cities and reach more and more early adopters in the next year. In addition to the EA’s that will get temi to their homes, our early adopter’s community will be invited to our private showrooms and events and will be the first to try a beta version of temi’s UI and Smalltalk. We can’t wait to meet you all and hear what you think.

The first early adopters will be notified in by the end of the year.  

We plan to bring temi to their homes at the end of 2017. The early adopters will get to try temi, and share what they think – we can’t wait to meet them.

All of the EAP community will get to see the insights and experience with temi at our blog and on our social media pages.

How will it work?

If you are chosen, we will contact you directly and you will sign a release form with your confirmation to try temi. After you confirm, a representative from our company will schedule the delivery with you. During your week with temi, you will be able to contact your support rep. directly through WhatsApp, Facebook messenger or by phone for any questions or support. At the end of the week the representative will come to your home and collect your feedback – you will not be asked to fill out long forms, just share your experience and ideas to improve temi.

How will we choose the early adopters?

We are currently compiling a diverse list of candidates who share our passion for ground breaking technology and our desire for a personal home robot. We are looking for people who would provide us with extensive feedback and great inputs, and will help our efforts to perfect temi before its release to the public.  *Participants must be US residents and over 18 years of age.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t been notified in November you still have a chance to be an EAP.

During 2018 we plan to add more and more early adopters and we hope to meet you all in your homes and give you a chance to test temi out for free for a week. We will also meet you on roadshows, at our showrooms and in our upcoming New York City and San Francisco concept stores.

See you soon!

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