Doctor temi (By ATG)

The right care at the right place at the right time for the right cost

The autonomous robotic telemedicine cart that allows the provider to navigate the facility, visit patients without the need of an attendant. Attendant assisted live streaming stethoscope for full cardiac and lung examination. The six parameters intensive care unit grade patient monitor allows for the continuous Blood Pressure measurement, continuous temperature measurement, continuous Oxygen saturation, Respiratory rate,  5 lead EKG with continuous cardiac monitoring and Heart rate. Over 1000 measurements can be stored and reviewed later. The additional Exam cam allows close examination of the wounds and skin infections.




Interactive ATG Telemedicine Robot with artificial intelligence and complete obstacle avoidance. 
Super intuitive operating system that comes, hears, speaks, sees and understands you, and is always learning how to serve you better.


User Interface

ATG Telemedicine Robot designed display enhances your experience with visuals that invite you to speak, hear and see what you want – creating the ultimate human-robot interaction 



  • Dedicated Microsoft Surface Pro tablet  

  • High Definition (HD) Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera with remote provider controls

  • Diagnostic Quality Digital Stethoscope  

  • Wireless Bridge   

  • Quality Ambient Room Headset/ Microphone

  • Elegant light cart to house and secure all the components  

  • Unlimited Telemedicine Usage

  • HIPAA Compliant platform   

  • 24 x 7 Provider and Remote Clinician Support (additional)   

  • Workflow Engine    

  • EHR integration (RESTFUL API)  

  • Access Control   

  • Collaboration – securely invite others physicians to the telemedicine session 


Voice Interaction

ATG Telemedicine Robot hears, identifies, understands and responds to the user’s voice using Auto Speech Recognition (ASR) and far field voice technology, natural language processing (NLP), speech-to-text and text-to-speech (TTS) engines


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ATG Telemedicine Robot integrates the best AI engines together to connect you to your favorite services. It’s navigation system self-learns it’s surroundings and understands where temi is, what it is seeing and where it is going.


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