Software Updates

Updated: Feb 1 2021 Version 123
We have sent your temi the latest software update.
temi should prompt a message saying that an update is available, if temi doesn’t display the message please go to Settings and tap Software update to update your temi.

If temi prompts “no pending updates” please contact our Help Desk via our website or at 833-902-0202.

To verify your temi has been updated, go to Settings > About  and make sure that:
“Launcher OS” shows 14293
“Robox OS” shows 123.05
Firmware” shows 20201216.154352

To verify your mobile app is the most updated version –  go to the About  tab in the temi mobile app and verify your version number is as follows:
iOS users – Version 1.1.37
Android users – Version   1.3.8243

For full details regarding this update and the new and improved features, please refer to our User Manual,
the temi Center User Manual and tutorial videos .

Here are some of the main improvements this update will bring into your temi:


Mobile App:


    • Initiate Follow Mode on video calls through your temi app
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements
temi Center:
    • Password protection settings – set up a password to control access, use and edit of the different temi features
    • Lock and unlock temi from the temi Center
    • Override old map name
    • Backup map from the temi Center control view
    • Add calls and robot’s position to your Sequence on the Sequence Scheduler
    • Additional text-to-speech languages on Sequence Scheduler
    • Battery status indication during video calls
    • Tilt control on mouse/track pad during video calls
    • Additional levels of zoom when control or editing map on temi center
    • Minor bug fixes and improvements
  • Personal Assistance settings support Alexa and Hey, temi simultaneously
  • Password protection for calls, maps editing, navigation control and general settings (initial password settings via temi Center)
  • Sequences can include calls and robot position (set via temi Center)
  • Additional auto-recharge settings
  • The countdown to start Standby can be set for settings.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements
For Developers:
Upgraded SDK features (more information available on GitHub:


  • Fix screen orientation issue when casting the temi screen.
  • Add Bluetooth master mode support. Please access it from native settings. Remove all paired devices and turn off and turn on the Bluetooth again. Then connect to other device to switch the master/slave mode.
  • Add input methods, Korean, Thai.
  • Update Japanese input method to 2.25
  • Fix camera crash issue
  • Fix wifi can not connect to specific router with WPA2-PSK encryption issue
  • Fix “Choose keyboard” button not shown in the dialog when long press the “earth” button on soft keyboard issue
  • Integrated with 121 version temi apps
User Manual:
temi’s full User Manual is available for viewing and downloading on our Support Center. The User Manual is updated with every software update to include all new features and capabilities.
We appreciate your feedback which helps us improve – please stay in touch through any of our channels for thoughts, issues and suggestions.