Software Updates

Page last updated on Jan. 9 2020


Here, you will find the latest release notes for your temi robot and temi mobile app.


To verify your temi has been updated, go to Settings > About and make sure that:

“Launcher OS” shows 11969

“Robox OS” shows 117.21

To verify your mobile app is the most updated version – in the mobile app, go to your About tab and verify your version number is as follows:

iOS users – Version 1.1.18
Android users – Version 1.3.3(7616)


Here are the main improvements for your temi and temi app:



  • Enhanced Auto return feature – includes Autonomous recharging and re- deployment

  • Upgraded Notification Center – Now notifying on updates and low battery

  • Welcoming skill – A simplified and customizable feature aimed at driving engagement – Incl. customizable greeting in both text and voice – for detailed instructions please see pg. 21 of temi’s User Manual

  • Improved Home-Base docking

  • Bug Fixes and general improvements


Mobile App:

  • Delete call logs (Android)


For Developers:

  • Constraint Follow – Initiate constraint follow

  • User detection listener

  • User interaction listener

  • Battery state listener

  • ASR listener

  • Get wakeup word

  • Trigger wakeup

  • Toggle privacy mode

  • Get privacy mode status


User Manual:

temi’s full user manual is available for viewing and downloading on our help desk page. The user manual is updated with every software update to include all new features and capabilities.


We appreciate your feedback which helps us improve. Please stay in touch through any of our channels for thoughts, issues and suggestions.