Software Updates

Page last updated on Sep. 18 2020

Here, you will find the latest release notes for your temi robot and temi mobile app.

To verify your temi has been updated, go to Settings > About  and make sure that:
“Launcher OS” shows 13716
“Robox OS” shows 121.34

To verify your mobile app is the most updated version –  go to the About  tab in the temi mobile app and verify your version number is as follows:
For iOS users – Version 1.1.29
For Android users  – Version 1.3.8008

Here are some of the main improvements this update will bring into your temi:
Sept. 19 Fix:
  • Fix tilt angle not saved when save location
  • Fix mapping best practice screen no show.
  • Fix Goto abort on telepresence did no tilt.
  • New Feature-after Goto completion on telepresence will tilt to saved angle.
Introducing the temi Center:
temi Center is the new web platform that allows you to control and customize your temi, including advanced featured such as:
  • Control temi through the web browser.
  • Map Editor for improved navigation experience.
  • Improved Greet Mode, including facial recognition
  • Sequence set up.
  • Advanced contact editing.

For additional information regarding temi Center and its features, please refer to the temi center guide (click here) and new mapping tutorial (click here)
More tutorials are coming soon.


  • Map Editor – A new mapping experience for enhancing accuracy and performance, including:
    • Save and backup map
    • Ability to add green path from the map editor
    • Ability to add “virtual walls” from the map editor
  • App permission control
  • Improved contact sync
  • Fixed: Alexa assistant switches to temi after reboot
  • Additional bug fixes and improvement


  • Bypass location option
  • Save tilt angle on go-to locations
  • Sequences – set up through the temi center
  • Bug fixes

Following the update, we encourage you to re-map temi’s environment.  Please watch this video (click here) to learn how to optimize your mapping process and enjoy temi’s enhanced mapping abilities and navigation experience.


  • Improved height obstacle detection
  • Improved path planning including reduced cutting corners
  • Better mapping performance to optimized new Map Editor feature
  • Additional bug fixes and improvements

Mobile App:

    • Access temi Center through QR Code scanning
    • Improved contact sync
    • Additional bug fixes and improvements

For Developers:

Upgraded SDK features (more information available on GitHub:
User Manual:
temi’s full User Manual is available for viewing and downloading on our Support CenterThe User Manual is updated with every software update to include all new features and capabilities.

We appreciate your feedback which helps us improve – please stay in touch through any of our channels for thoughts, issues and suggestions.